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Thursday, February 9, 2012

FEMA Camps: What in the World?

  What in the world is going on? I am not a conspiracy theorist but there are a lot of things happening that deserve a bit more clarification by the US government. I do believe that there is a group of elite people, - whatever you want to call them - big money that exudes a lot of influence over US policy which has major impacts on the world. They go through the revolving door between big business, governments, and global institutions. They have the power to impose policies that ensure they will continue to gain more money and more power. I have given examples of these people in other blogs. An example is Robert McNamara who was the President of Ford Motor Company then Secretary of Defense under JFK and then was the President of the World Bank. There are many other examples of people that have sit in multiple positions of great influence in government and big business. It is kind of how the system works.
   The problems and issues that are brought up by these "conspiracy theorists" are not illegitimate at all. They cannot just be dismissed because they believe it is a conspiracy. I have said many other times before that I don't believe whether it is a conspiracy or not is relevant. The facts are there, there is a small percentage of the population that has vast control over resources, wealth and policy. The world is the way it is because of the influence of greedy corporate board rooms and their buddies in government. But I wanted to present an issue that was brought to my attention by one of these "conspiracy theorists".
   There have been a few things set into motion in the last 5 years or so that really deserve some investigation. A bill was introduced into the House on January 22, 2009 called H.R. 645 [111th]: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act. As always, the bill has an innocent sounding title but an unclear and hidden agenda. The bill authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to build at least six "national emergency centers" on or near military installations. The bill calls for at least six but puts no cap on how many can or will be built. These FEMA camps are showing up all over the United States. This is a map of potential camps -existing ones that could be used, camps being built or already built.

   I used to Google Earth to look at the closest one to me and sure enough, there it was. I looked up some of the others and they were old Japanese internment camps.  These things are for real, this is not just paranoia.
The legislation is there, the camps are being built, there are receipts for millions of coffins, the Congressional Research Service is releasing reports on detaining American citizens (Detention of US Persons as Enemy Belligerents) and then came the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
   The NDAA extends the Patriot Act and allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens in the United States. If you take a step back and look at the whole situation as if it were connected, it raises some suspicion. It cannot be just coincidence. And with the hostile climate that is arising amongst the world and US population, all this legislation and camp construction seems to be anticipating the mass detention of American citizens.
   Most US legislation is long and hard to read and its true intentions can be easily lost in all of that mess. There is usually one little clause that actually is the most important portion of the legislation. Section 2.4 of HR 645, which outlines the purpose of the detention centers states, "the purpose of a national emergency center shall be... to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security." That like the indefinite detention clause in the NDAA leave so much room for interpretation and we all know what our government has done with other vague, all-encompassing clauses of other legislation.
   So what is the government saying? They say that they are setting up these camps in case of a national emergency or disaster. They are saying that in case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster that they need to have these camps to house civilians. But why are they being set up on military installations and why are the buying millions of coffins.
   In the video above, it shows one spot in Georgia where these coffins have been stockpiled. There are hundreds of thousands of these plastic coffins piled up on each other. What in the world is this about? They purchased the coffins from a company called PolyGuard Vaults Inc. But this is not the only large corporation that is going to benefit from the building of these camps. The other is a bit more infamous than PolyGuard Vaults.
   Halliburton received the contract from the United States government for the construction of these camps. Halliburton received 386 million dollars for the first two years of construction of these camps. Last year Obama sent money to Halliburton's subsidiary company, KBR, to begin to staff and operate these camps. When I first saw these camps about 2 years ago  I thought it was really curious but now they are starting to put these camps into operation.
   What is the government setting these up for and why are these camps being manned by the US military and contractors? Why is the government preparing for tens of millions to be displaced and millions being dead? In addition to the coffins, Halliburton is constructing concrete vaults in the ground which appear to be mass grave sites.          
   I am not suggesting that it is time to start freaking out. I just think that it is imperative for people to be aware that this is going on. Obama signed into law a bill that authorizes the indefinite detention of Americans for no reason and no limit on how long they can be held. Meanwhile, Obama is authorizing the construction of FEMA camps that have the ability to hold tens of millions of Americans and to bury millions more. It just seems a bit curious, especially because it is 2012 ;) In January of this year Obama announced that the amps needed to be staffed with 72 hours. There could definitely be something that we don't know about. It is all a little too curious to ignore. I will post some articles, pictures, and videos below that you can check out. This stuff is really weird, I am not really sure what to think about it all.      


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